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Hi and welcome to the first in a series of my regular blogs for Yonda, focusing on Women's Health, both physical and mental. Each week, I will touch on different subjects pertaining to your health and well-being, drawn from my knowledge as a Women's Health and very varied life experiences as a woman and a mother. This first blog is about highlighting the negative sides of fitness influencers (albeit well meaning) in social media. Especially those who are “advising” about fat loss. Coach Jase and myself both strive to be honest, authentic and real. Promoting life balance and putting that into practise in our lives. If you have any social media platforms, you may have noticed Fitfluencers come up on your feeds. Perfectly toned bodies, blogging their workout schedules and what they are eating. As well meaning as they would like to be, what they don’t blog is the truth. Many of their videos and photos have been taken when they’re at their leanest and then drip fed through out the year. Many of them are not qualified coaches and much of the information they share has not been backed up by studies. As women our bodies naturally fluctuate in weight, this is due to water retention, where you are in your cycle, hormones, over indulging and being less active. This is all totally normal. We need to accept this and learn to love it. I have clothes in my wardrobe that are 2 different sizes, because yes, even though I am a coach, I teach between 6 and 10 spin classes a week, my weight will fluctuate. Because I am a woman. The aim with these blogs is to get a message out to women of all ages to have a better understanding of their bodies, to learn to love them and encourage realistic goals, that are achievable. Fad diets are not a long term solution and there is not one single exercise out there that targets fat. This is a fact! The science is simple, if you’re looking to drop a few pounds, eat less, move more, lift weights. Don’t be fooled by what is being put out there on social media. I did, before I became a personal trainer, I’d like to help you to stop from making the same mistakes as me (I tried the lemonade diet once, absolutely horrendous) and get into making a few lifestyle changes instead. I look forward to sharing more with you over the coming months Keep it real Naomi

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