Sacrificing presence for peace

An explanation.

There are 5 Building Blocks to create a solid foundation for a healthier and happier life.

Nutrition, Exercise, Gut Health, Sleep Hygiene and Stress Management.

When all five are working in harmony, homeostasis can be achieved.

Stress Management is often overlooked, as is how you value your time.

How do you value it? Can you put a price on it? Professionally yes. I have set fees to teach, too PT and coach. Those fees reflect the time it took me to train, to gain the knowledge, to be an expert.

What about YOUR time? The time you give to your family, your friends, your pets, even strangers? That time is priceless. Is it being valued as that by those you give it too. Most of the time it is, however if you feel that time isn’t being valued, isn’t being appreciated, that is when it’s time to evaluate and sacrifice presence for peace.

You can apply this to relationships, friendships and in a professional capacity. If you are giving them everything and you’re getting nothing in return, this will manifest physically and mentally. A stress that you haven’t recognised as stress.

Being ruthless, is not being selfish, it’s practising self care. Cutting someone out of your life can feel drastic, dramatic, unkind and alien. Especially if you’re someone who just likes to help. It is none of those things though. It is self preservation. It is looking after you. It is nothing to feel guilty about.

Stress management is more than meditation and mindfulness. It is life laundry too. Sacrificing presence for peace.

Surround yourself with likeminded people. You will feed off each other’s energies. Sometimes you’ll give more, sometimes they give you more, sometimes it’s an equal amount between you. There should always be balance.

Have a good week and try to find some peace for yourself.


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