Your parasympathetic nervous system is one of two main components of your autonomic nervous system, the other is your sympathetic nervous system. Sympathetic is your flight or flight reaction, parasympathetic works to calm and ease after a threat.

By threat, I mean literally anything, from seeing a spider dash across the floor, to coming face to face with a lion. Your brain cannot differentiate, the response to either on your body will be exactly the same.

Parasympathetic living, is learning to activate your PSN ( parasympathetic nervous system) through daily practises.

Mediation is at the top of those practises but it’s not for everyone and it takes time to master. So I’m sharing with you another method and it involves how you start your day. I feel how you start your day has an enormous impact on your mood and stress levels for the rest of that day.

Give yourself time. If you’re setting your alarm to allow for the minimal amount of time it takes to get out the door. Guaranteed you’ll be rushing. Not the greatest way to start the day.

When I wake up, I drink 500ml of water. You’ve not been hydrating for 8 hours (maybe less for some( getting water in BEFORE anything else will rehydrate.

Then I lay back down, close my eyes and list my affirmations and gratitude. “I am enough”, “Today is going to be a great day”, “I am calm, I am happy, I am safe”… My gratitudes are always the same, “I’m grateful for my children, where we live, for my family and friends”

Then off I trot to the kitchen to make my decaff espresso (that’s another blog) let the dog out for a wee and feed her.

Now I’m ready for the day, with a positive mindset, feeling strong and ready to take on whatever is thrown my way.

Depending on her college schedule, I also have to undertake the task of waking up my 17 year old. I use a similar approach with her. I go into her room, “time to get up”, then gentle reminders every 10-15 minutes (this goes on for some time). Eventually she gets up. It’s much less stressful for her and me than the “GET UP WE NEED TO GO”. Who wants to be woken up like that? Do you want to start your day in a state of panic?

I have four children, I’ve spent years getting them out the door. Since applying this much calmer approach to our morning routine, life has become significantly less stressful. My days are impacted positively.

This is why how you start your day is the difference between sympathetic and parasympathetic living.

Try it for a week. I’d love to know how you get on.


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