As women, when we hit our 40s it brings about a lot of physical changes to our bodies, all of a sudden ramping up the ageing process. Collagen levels are declining rapidly, the grey hairs are everywhere, once toned areas are now flabby, spare tyres, adult acne, hair is thinning, skin is crepey, that nubile woman you once were has disappeared.

You see these young women, the Fitfluencers on social media and you hanker after your old body, you regret not appreciating what you once had, you want to go back in time.

Hard truth. That ain’t happening. It’s time to accept it and really look at who you are now, celebrating her, because you are pretty bloody fantastic.

Here’s why.

You’ve produced tiny humans

You’ve not produced tiny humans and chosen to follow your dreams

You’ve travelled

You’ve endured heartbreak, loss, hardships, overcome and powered through the toughest times

You’ve been a wonderful friend to so many

You’ve made a difference to countless lives

You’ve stood up for what you believe

You’ve evolved into the woman that you always looked up to

And so on and so on…

You are so much more than an ageing body. Have you any idea of the power you possess? There is nothing life can throw at you anymore that you can’t handle. You have transitioned from maiden, to mother, to crone.

Take a moment to look at all you have achieved, not what you could’ve done or you didn’t do.

Celebrate the woman you now are.

In a world obsessed with six packs and buns of steel, be authentic and real.

Focus more on maintaining your mental and physical health by exercising how you want to, doing what you enjoy, whether its functional fitness, running, swimming, walking, yoga, dancing even. Have the goal to train for you and not for trying to be something you were.

I know I’d rather be the woman I am today, with my stretch marks, my wobbles, my cellulite, I am all woman, so are you. So go do it, you’re friggin AMAZING!!

Coach Naomi

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